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Program Philosophy:

INFANTS: 18-24 months
Infants will be nurtured by way of cuddles, smiles and songs. They will enjoy the sounds of Lullaby Classics, Baby Mozart and Much more from the Baby Einstein Collection.

TODDLERS: 2-3 years old
Toddlers will be provided with stimulating and developmentally appropriate activities. Toddlers learn by doing. Lots of hands-on activities will be provided as they learn through play skills. They will enjoy the Soft Tunnel Climber, Sensory Block Play, Arts & Crafts, Cultural Moody Puzzles, Aqua Doodle, Two Tier Circle Climb, Pretend Play, Puppets and much more.

PRE-SCHOOL and SCHOOL age: 4-8 years old
A typical day will include time for reading stories, creating things with our hands, eating, sleeping, learning about ourselves, learning about each other, and learning about the world around us. Although the daily schedule helps us organize the day, we don’t want to limit our ability to be spontaneous and flexible. For example, if it’s a beautiful day outside, we’ll spend most of the day outdoors. Or, if a child is listening to music it may lead into a group movement activity.

Cribs Daycare is staffed with a low child to provider ratio so that your children will get the attention they deserve.

Cribs Daycare Provides:

Small Group Learning
Tender Loving Care
Nutritious Meals and Snacks
Arts and Crafts
Preschool Fun 
Music and Movement 
Convenient Location

Special Treats for Our Parents:

Fresh gourmet coffee prepared daily for parents on the go.
Fresh home baked goods every Wednesday morning, an added treat for our parents.
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